AVB101 - AVB101 - E.coli B strain for efficient in vivo biotinylation,  $250.00

Strain AVB101 is an E. coli B strain (hsdR, lon11, sulA1) contains pBirAcm, an engineered pACYC184 plasmid with an IPTG inducible birA gene to over-express the biotin ligase. This glycerol stock of bacteria is shipped frozen. AVB101 is derived from the BL21 E. coli parental strain.  It is not the BL21DE3 strain used for T7 expression.

Quantity: 1 vial, containing 0.5 ml of bacterial glycerol stock. This product is shipped on dry ice and has to be stored at -80°C.


Product Information

Strain AVB101, an E. coli B strain (hsdR, lon11, sulA1), contains pBirAcm , an IPTG inducible plasmid containing the BirA gene engineered into pACYC184. It is compatible with most cloning vectors and is maintained with Chloramphenicol (10 µg/ml). This strain is recommended for protein expression because of its robust growth and the absence of the OmpT and Lon proteases.

At the time of induction, Biotin should be added at a concentration of 50 µM. The pAN and pAC vectors containing the AviTagTM require ampicillin (100 µg/ml).

Cells are supplied as a 0.5 ml liquid culture in 30% glycerol. Store at -80°C.

Note: AVB101 cells are not competent. For BirA expressing competent cells please look at related products.




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