Avidity Avitag™ Technology

Avidity develops and sells molecular affinity tools for connecting molecules. Our AviTag™ technology employs a highly targeted enzymatic conjugation of a single biotin on a unique 15 amino acid peptide tag using the biotin ligase (BirA) from E. coli. AviTag™ sequence is GLNDIFEAQKIEWHE. Oriented on streptavidin-coated surfaces, this creates an ideal presentation for molecular binding interactions. The scientific benefits of Avidity's AviTag Technology have garnered notice. Currently, AviTag technology is used by eight of the world's top ten pharmaceutical companies and is used by researchers in over 30 countries.

News from Avidity

Avidity is excited to announce its new sets of vectors.  We now are offering the Avidity ATUM AviTag (p3A) vectors that are linearized plasmids designed to allow target genes to be cloned into the vector of choice using the Atum Electra Vector System®.  Please go to our Technologies page for more information on these vectors.


AviTag has a myriad of medical and industrial applications and its use is growing rapidly in areas including:

Biosensors, diagnostics,
Proximity Assays,
Drug Screenings

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Access Avidity's library of AviTag and related technology's resources including:


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New Products

Avidity is committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products using our robust AviTagTM technology.

Biotinylated Cell Lines,
Proteins and Enzymes,
AviTag Vectors

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