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  • BirA Enzyme and buffers for in vitro biotinylation
    BirA biotin-protein ligase kits for rapid and efficient biotinylation of purified proteins or peptides that have a biotin-acceptor peptide sequence such as our patented AviTag™.
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  • Cell lines for in vivo biotinylation
    High efficiency biotinylation strains featuring a BirA-overproducing gene either in plasmid form or chromosomally integrated for use with our pAN or pAC vectors or consumer-produced plasmid vectors.
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  • Avidity ATUM AviTag™ vectors and other plasmids
    Avidity is providing vectors for cloning and expression of C-terminal or N-terminal AviTagged proteins that are either IPTG inducible (T5 promoter) or Rhamnose inducible (Rha promoter).  The vectors also are available with a choice of short flexible linker or stiff, extended linker between the target protein and the AviTag™.  
    Avidity also offers a pBirAcm plasmid that can be transformed into an E.coli strain creating a BirA overproducing cell line. 
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  • Purification and Identification of Avitag'd proteins
    We offer an antibody that will recognize the AviTag and enable you to purify your AviTag'd protein.
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  • Purified Proteins and support chemicals
    Avidity provides purified proteins that have either a biotinylated AviTag or a linked to Streptavidin for Biotin interaction. Our protein portfolio contains Luciferases and Fluorescent Proteins that can for example be used for Streptavidin-Biotin quantification.
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