In vitro Biotinylation of Avitag with Enzyme

Biotin-protein ligase (EC activates biotin to form biotinyl 5' adenylate and transfers the biotin to biotin-accepting proteins. It also functions as a biotin operon repressor. This protein is encoded by the birA gene.

Other names for this enzyme include: biotin ligase; biotin operon repressor protein; birA; biotin holoenzyme synthetase; biotin-[acetyl-CoA carboxylase] synthetase.

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BirA 500 40ug Biotin ligase 1 mg/ml
Bulk BirA 300 ug Biotin ligase 3 mg/ml

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Specification sheet on enzyme

In Vitro Labeling Protocols when Avitag'd protein is:
In Bacterial extracts
In mammalian extracts
On cell surfaces
On MHC tetramers

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