Bulk BirA-RT - Bulk BirA-RT: BirA biotin-protein ligase bulk lyophilized reaction kit,  $980.00

The BirA biotin-protein ligase adds d-biotin covalently to biotin-acceptor peptides/proteins via an ATP intermediate (biotinyl 5'-adenylate) in a highly efficient and targeted manner. This kit includes 300 µg of BirA enzyme for those who require larger scale reactions or more frequent use of the BirA biotinylation reaction in their work.

Please Note: We strongly recommend the use of the AviTag amino acid sequence over other Biotinylation of Peptides sequences. The BirA enzyme biotinylates the AviTag sequence at a reaction rate 2x the natural substrate (BCCP) and as much as an order of magnitude or more over the other peptide sequences in use. The AviTag™ requires smaller amounts of enzyme and shorter incubation times than other Biotinylation of Peptides sequences thus minimizing ancillary problems associated with proteases and protein instability.

This is the lyophilized version of the Bulk BirA kit.

You may contact us at info@avidity.com for quotations on large quantity kit or multi-milligram orders.


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