RhaNSF - p3A-Rha-N-Avtg-SF vector,  $225.00

Avidity teamed with Atum (formerly DNA 2.0) to offer our customers an easy solution to AviTagging their E. coli expressed proteins. The vectors employ the Atum Electra™ system for easy cloning from a PCR product.

To minimize the steric conflicts that can affect efficient biotinylation of the AviTag, Avidity's vectors offer the choice of a short, flexible linker or an extended, semi-rigid linker between the AviTag and the target protein in either N- or C-terminal presentation of the AviTag. Our vectors use either the T5 promoter or rhamnose promoter.

This Avidity Atum AviTag ™ (AAA) vector uses the Rhamnose promoter (Rha inducible) with a N-terminal AviTag containing a short, flexible linker. Please note that vector is a linearized plasmid although the map of the vector is shown as circular for presentation purposes (see vector map under Other Tools and Resources tab).


Product Information

Cloning Vectors and Electra Cloning

The vectors is supplied as 200ng linearized DNA (10 microliters, 20ng/ microliter) or enough for 10 cloning reactions (see Cloning Protocol).

The Electra cloning kit is sold separately (50 reactions) as some customers may already have this kit.  This kit is a vital part of the cloning step. And comes with an Electra buffer (10x) and Electra Enzyme mix (20x). If you do not have the Electra cloning kit you may order it from us (Product # EKT-03, $200).
Positive Control

Every vector kit is supplied with a positive control that when transformed into an E. coli strain produces a colored (magenta) colony.




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