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Gaussia princeps Luciferase

Fluorescent Streptavidin (SA) Fusion-proteins

  • SA-Gluc: Streptavidin-Gaussia princeps luciferase

    SA-GLuc is an engineered detection molecule for binding to biotin and biotinylated molecules through Streptavidin. The strong bioluminescence from an optimized Gaussia princeps LUCIFERASE allows sensitive detection of this interaction.

    Quantity: 50 μl of 1 mg/ml = 50 μg

Biotinylated fluorescent proteins

  • rrGFP-100 Renilla reniformis GFP

    Genetically engineered Renilla reniformis Green Fluorescent Protein to fuse with Avitag peptide. Protein purified from induced E.coli, and was fully biotinylated. Fluorescent properties are functional. Learn more about this strain.