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SA-Gluc: Streptavidin-Gaussia princeps luciferase

SA-GLuc is an engineered detection molecule for binding to biotin and biotinylated molecules through Streptavidin. The strong bioluminescence from an optimized Gaussia princeps LUCIFERASE allows sensitive detection of this interaction.

Quantity: 50 μl of 1 mg/ml = 50 μg

SA-GLuc, a molecular tool for detection of biotinylated molecules. Expression of biotinylated membrane molecules can be detected using a luminometer or using a light sensitive microscope (e.g. Olympus LV-200).
SA-GLuc was engineered by connecting one molecule of GLuc to one Streptavidin tetramer. Streptavidin has theoretically 4 biotin binding sites, purified Streptavidin will have the ability to bind between 3.2 and 3.9 biotin molecules. Therefore, SA-GLuc has two free biotin binding sites to attach to your biotinylated molecule with one of the strongest binding known in nature. Due to extensive purification steps no free Streptavidin is present and cross-linking will be prevented, enabling quantitative read-outs in luminescent assays.

  • How should I dilute SA-GLuc?

    You can use TBS, pH 7.4-7.8 for the dilution of SA-GLuc. However, we are recommending Avidity’s Gaussia Dilution Buffer for increased protein stability and activity.

  • How much Coelenterazine (CTZ) do I have to use?

    SA-GLuc is using a mutated version of Gaussia that has a higher and prolonged turnover rate. In order to use its full potential we recommend a final CTZ concentration of 100 µM. Coelenterazine can be purchased here: