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Expresso Biotin Cloning & Expression System
Lucigen (order directly)

CLICK HERE to access Lucigen's website for ordering Expresso® Biotin Cloning & Expression System products, additional information and protocols.

The Expresso® Biotin Cloning & Expression Systems are now available from our business collaborator Lucigen Corporation.  These systems offer you the quickest route to biotinylated protein by combining the AviTag™ and Epressioneering™ technologies.

Lucigen has partnered with Avidity, LLC to leverage the power of the AviTag™ minimal biotinylation motif and Lucigen's SUMO solubility fusion tag to solve the most difficult problems in protein expression and purification. The included Biotin XCell™ competent cells will efficiently biotinylate protein bearing the AviTag motif in vivo, meaning you can skip the in vitro and chemical methods otherwise required to obtain biotinylated target protein. The SUMO tag will produce large amounts of soluble protein that can be precisely cleaved with its cognate protease. Single column purification of AviTag proteins is completed in a few hours using the biotin-streptavidin interaction, and on column cleavage of the AviTag-SUMO fusion followed by nickel column chromatography of the HIS tagged protease yields >95% pure protein.



  • Ultra-pure protein thru AviTag in vivo biotinylation
  • Single column biotin-streptavidin purification.
  • Dual affinity tags (AviTag + 6HIS) for full length protein purification
  • >90% pure protein in hours with minimal hands on time
  • Tight control over expression with Rhamnose promoter
  • Optional SUMO tag for increased solubility and on-column cleavage
  • Expressioneering™ Technology:overview of Expresso® product line featuring ligase-free cloning