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CVB101- Chemically competent cells

CVB101 are calcium chloride treated AVB101 cells, giving them the ability to uptake plasmid DNA. Efficiency of transformation is >106 transformants per μg of plasmid DNA.

Quantity: 10 vials, 100 μl per vial

This product is shipped on dry ice and has to be stored at -80°C.

Strain CVB101, an chemical competent E. coli B strain (hsdR, lon11, sulA1), contains pBirAcm , an IPTG inducible plasmid containing the BirA gene engineered into pACYC184. It is compatible with most cloning vectors and is maintained with chloramphenicol (10 μg/ml). This strain is recommended for protein expression because of its robust growth and the absence of the OmpT and Lon proteases.

At the time of induction, Biotin should be added at a concentration of 50 μM. The pAN and pAC vectors containing the AviTagTM require Ampicillin (100 μg/ml).

Cells are supplied as 10 vials of 100μl liquid culture in 30% glycerol. Store at -80°C.

  • For standard transformation we heat shock at 42C for 30 sec. The tubes we usually use are not the same type as you supplied the cells in. Should I transfer the cells to a more usual tube we use for these procedures or use your tube?

    For higher transformation efficiency we recommend using thin walled tubes to get an optimal heat transfer. We guarantee a transformation efficiency of 106 cfu/μg in the tubes that we provide. If you are using a water bath for heat shock please make sure that no air is trapped underneath the tube. Tilt the tube to remove any air.

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Comment: CVB101 E.coli are used to express biotinylated recombinant protein.

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