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BIO-500 biotin solution

10 ml Biotin solution at higher concentration (5 mM) in 10 mM Bicine (pH 8.3). Suitable for supplimenting induction growth media and large scale biotin ligase reactions. Solution is filter sterilized. Store at 4oC.

10mL of 5mM d-biotin solution for in-vivo biotinylation culture inductions involving the pBirAcm BirA over-expression plasmid and AviTagTM-protein fusion vectors, or very large scale BirA reactions that may require extra d-biotin.

Supplied as: 1 tube of d-biotin solution; 10mL at 5mM; store long term at -20°C

  • Is the BIO-500 sterile?

    Yes. The BIO-500 d-biotin solution is filtered for sterility through a 0.22μm filter before it is packaged.