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BIO-200 biotin solution

1.5mL of 500 μM d-biotin solution (10 mM Bicine, pH 8.3) for BirA biotin-protein ligase reaction conditions that may require extra biotin. This is the same d-biotin solution as provided in the BirA-500 and Bulk BirA in-vitro
biotinylation reaction kits. Suitable for supplimenting in vitro biotin ligase reactions.

Supplied as: 1 vial of d-biotin solution; 1.5mL at 500μM; store long term at -20°C

Quantity: 1 mL 500 µM d-biotin solution
(10 mM Bicine, pH 8.3)

  • Do I need to purchase the BIO-200 500μM d-biotin solution separately from the BirA 500/Bulk BirA reaction kits?

    Usually not. Both kits come with vials of BIO-200 already included in them. Plus, the BiomixB included in the kits contains enough d-biotin for the typical BirA biotin-protein ligase reaction. Additional d-biotin may be added if desired but is usually not necessary.